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Common Swift Brooch


Eco-friendly wood.
Handcrafted and local manufacturing 100% made in Provence (France).
All products in the Swift Collection are part of a solidarity project in collaboration with the NPO Ecourbe, which works for the protection of urban flora and fauna.
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Inspired by the common swift (Apus apus), a beautiful insectivorous urban bird that nests almost exclusively in urban buildings.
This product is part of our Swift Solidarity Project, in collaboration with the Ecourbe association.

Made of eco-responsible wood (birch from sustainably managed forests).
Artisanal and local production. 100% made in France (Provence).

Height 4,9 cm.
Width 5,3 cm.
Thickness 0,3 cm.

The swift presence is increasingly threatened, mainly due to the disappearance of nesting sites, the use of pesticides and climate change. Like many other species of urban fauna, it depends on our contribution to the preservation of biodiversity in our closest ecosystems.

This brooch is part of a collection of creations designed in collaboration with the non-profit association Ecourbe. They work for the protection of urban flora and fauna, through environmental education, popularization, advice for the proper management of urban ecosystems and the demand for more respectful environmental policies.

Cambifolia joins this cause by donating to this NPO 20% of the sales of every product of the Swift Collection.

For more information about this project follow the link to Ecourbe website.

Do you like this type of design and the idea of ​​contributing to the protection of these birds? So know that a beautiful familly of swifts has found a definitive nesting site in Cambifolia (you have the whole Swift Collection right here!) and, with your help, it could soon be growing!

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